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red.... T100 ex-basket case Now with correct silencers... Brmmm.... Back to black.
Triumph Tiger T100CR
Built: 1969. Rebuilt 2005
This bike spent most of the last 20 years masquerading as a T100 Daytona, but was mainly a sorry hotch-potch of 350 and 500 bits that vaguely fitted together - less a bike than a collection of parts that occasionally moved in formation. It remains a Bitsa, but a properly built one - rebuilt in 2005 there's now precious little of the original bike bought in 1986 left - the engine cases, front brake and hub, tinwear, swing arm and coils and not very much more.. It now conforms quite closely to Daytona specification, with the exception of the high level exhaust system fitted for no better reason that I like the look of it. A few snags have appeared from the rebuild - the mega style silencers orginally fitted were way too noisy and have been replaced with a set of Armours silencers, especially built as the standard parts didn't fit - it seems Armours have now changed their design. The speedo overreads widly and the gearbox is taking a little while to bed in properly and the modern indicator switch has got to go. But the few snags aside, it rides really well.

Here's what it looked like in 1987 - wrong sized front wheel, horrible paint job, collapsed forks....what a heap of junk.

T100 basket case

And here's some of the Trophy's unfortunate history: Tale of woe