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Garden Shed on wheels
Morris Traveller
Built: 1967

As long as I can remember, I've wanted an Almond Green Traveller.

This is pretty much exactly what I wanted - a largely original, unmessed about, well looked after Traveller. So original that there's no radio and the original static seat belts, though a lead free head and brake servo are the two essential mods that have been done and I will (slightly reluctantly) fit new inertia reel seat belts. Registered in 1967 she's done a mere 48,000 miles and I'm only the fifth owner, the last being an amiable farmer in Suffolk who had done a good deal of renovation over the 5 or 6 years that he had it, including an engine rebuild. Inevitably, it's not perfect - but few 40 year old cars are unless they've been so renovated that they've lost much of the patina and character built up over the years. The philosophy for this car is to repair or renovate where possible, replace only when unavoidable and just enjoy it. I should have bought one years ago...

The good thing is that after so many years of unrequited ownership, there's not sense of disillusion or disapointment at all. It's a lovely car to drive and just sitting in her makes me smile!